MozillaNews Interview with David Ascher of ActiveState

Monday August 19th, 2002

MozillaNews has an interview with David Ascher, the tech lead for ActiveState Komodo. Komodo is a Mozilla-based IDE for Linux and Windows that allows developers to work with Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT and other programming technologies.

#5 1.1 issues

by robdogg

Tuesday August 20th, 2002 4:05 PM

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I've used the last couple of 1.1 builds and there are a couple of issues. I was wondering whether they bother anyone else.

1. Why is there a line between the frames on <> It wasn't there in 1.0 and it is not there on IE.

2. 1.1 alpha had this cool behaviour whereby if you clicked on a bookmark group, it would wipe out other tabs with the ones defined in the bookmark group. I loved that. 1.1 beta has changed it so that the bookmark group tabs are added to the existing tabs. There should be an option that lets me change this behaviour.