Over 8,000,000 Mozilla Firefox 3 Downloads in 24 Hours

Wednesday June 18th, 2008

The official Mozilla Blog reports that there were over eight million downloads of Mozilla Firefox 3 in the twenty-four hours after release, despite the widespread server availability problems. The Spread Firefox Download Day 2008 page has an interactive map showing the numbers of downloads in different countries and Mozilla Corporation CEO John Lilly has a weblog post with more statistics from Firefox 3's first twenty-four hours.

Once the exact figure has been determined and verified by Mozilla's own judges and officials from Guinness World Records, Firefox 3 will be declared the holder of the world record for the most software downloads in twenty-four hours (since the record doesn't exist yet, there's no real doubt that it will be awarded to Firefox 3). The Download Day FAQ has more details about the specifics of the record attempt.

The Blog of Metrics, run by the metrics and analytics team at Mozilla, reports that Firefox 3 had a market share of around four percent at the end of Download Day, based on hour-by-hour tracking of Firefox 3's market share by Net Applications (it was around 0.96 percent when Net Applications began tracking). By comparison, it took Firefox 2 a month to reach 3.62 percent.

#1 Mozilla Toronto Party

by motionblur

Saturday June 28th, 2008 8:29 AM

I compiled a video of the Mozilla Toronto launch party, which includes some shots of the counter, when it was between 2 and 3 million.