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Thursday August 15th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "Test builds for everyone!

"If you're using 1.0 and you'd like to test our release candidates for 1.0.1 you can get them at If you're riding the trunk builds and you'd like a sneak peak at 1.1 you can get candidate builds at More on our release plans available in this news posting."

#37 actual metrics?

by macpeep

Sunday August 18th, 2002 9:56 AM

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Does anyone have actual metrics on the performance of the Mozilla browser component? Download speeds, renderings speeds, cache performance, network performance etc.?

Personally, I can't see / feel any difference between NS 4.7, IE 6.0 and Mozilla 1.0 as far as downloading of pages or cache is concerned. I'm on a DSL connection at home and an unknown (but very fast) connection at work. As far as layout is concerned, NS 4.7 is clearly slower, especially on more complex pages. But I can't really see any difference between IE 6.0 and Mozilla.

So are there any performance metrics anywhere on this?