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Tuesday June 17th, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 has been released. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in 46 different localisations, Firefox 3 is the most major Mozilla browser release since the launch of Firefox 2 in October 2006 and represents the culmination of over three years work (development on Firefox 3 began before even Firefox 1.5 came out). According to the press release announcing Firefox 3, the new version has over 15,000 improvements.

Firefox 3 can be downloaded from the redesigned Firefox product page or the Firefox 3.0 directory on (it's not yet being offered to Firefox 2 users via the software update system). More information can be found in the Firefox 3 Release Notes.

The use of newer technologies means that Firefox 3 has higher system requirements than Firefox 2. In Microsoft land, Windows 95, 98, ME and NT 4.0 are no longer supported. On the Mac side, the minimum OS X version jumps from 10.2 Jaguar to 10.4 Tiger. In both cases, the operating system versions that are no longer supported have long since been abandoned by even Microsoft and Apple.

The Mozilla servers have been experiencing problems due to high demand for Firefox 3. This actually delayed the full release of Firefox 3 by more than an hour. According to a Mozilla Developer News weblog post, Firefox 3 is being downloaded more than 14,000 times a minute.

With the launch of Firefox 3, Mozilla is hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads in twenty-four hours. The number of downloads so far can be tracked at Only full, completed downloads count and users have until 11:16am Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday (6:16pm UTC/GMT) to make a participating download. The official Mozilla Blog has an entry about the Download Day with more details.

Those who just can't get enough of the Firefox 3 launch are invited to attend a Mozilla Party to celebrate or watch the action live from Mozilla HQ on Air Mozilla.

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#5 Copying from the address bar

by mhenriday <>

Wednesday June 18th, 2008 2:08 PM

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A rather odd bug that I've noted on my machine, irrespective of platform (64-bit Ubuntu Hardy,32-bit Windows XP or Vista), is that I find myself unable to copy an address from the address bar by highlighting it, right-clicking, and choosing «Copy» from the menu that opens. A copy can, however, be made successfully by using the «Ctrl+C» keyboard shortcut. Once such a copy has been made it can be pasted into, e g, a text editor by the usual methods, i e, either right-clicking and choosing «Paste» or typing «Ctrl+V». Aside from the special situation of the address bar, right-clicking to copy works perfectly well ; I can, for example, copy this text to a text editor by this means without any difficulty at all. Could this odd behaviour on the part of the address bar possibly be related to the «awesome» function ? In any event, while not a deal breaker - I am quite impressed with Firefox 3 and intend to use it or modified versions (Swiftweasel on Ubuntu) as my default brower - it would be nice if the Mozilla developers could patch this minor annoyance as soon as possible....