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Tuesday August 13th, 2002

OEone has made its HomeBase Desktop software available for download. HomeBase Desktop is an operating environment for Internet computers that aims to provide an integrated and easy-to-use computing experience. The download includes a free 60 day trial of HomeBase Anywhere, a suite of back-end services that allows you to store your important data remotely.

Built upon Linux and Mozilla, HomeBase Desktop's foundation is Penzilla, an open-source application framework. OEone is a major contributor to the Mozilla project and donated the original code for Calendar. The company also sponsors the AbiMoz and MozStreamer projects.

UPDATE! NewsForge has an interesting analysis and Slashdot has a discussion about the release.

#2 At last

by jmarranz <>

Wednesday August 14th, 2002 3:05 AM

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At last a system that shows how powerfull Mozilla as a platform can be.

Some few points:

- Not focus to be a custom Linux distribution, the platform should be distribution agnostic. - Focus to Windows users with a Windows port, or a port to cygwin. People like have all integrated and related (is a MS Windows key success).

OEone could make money with subscription to remote services but allowing use the same but local.