AOL for Mac OS X Released with Integrated Gecko

Monday August 12th, 2002

Several people wrote in to tell us that AOL has released a new version of its client software for Mac OS X that integrates Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. Other new features include a counter on the Dock that displays the number of new emails and instant messages, a Welcome Screen with one-click access to member services and a redesigned interface. In addition, AOL Search has been improved and the software now detects the member's connection speed and optimises the online experience accordingly. Also new is support for QuickTime and Apple's forthcoming iChat service.

Reuters and ZDNet News have stories about the release. AOL members can download the software by going to Keyword: Upgrade.

#6 Apple and AOL forging a closer relationship?

by PaulB <>

Monday August 12th, 2002 8:49 PM

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Just at the time when Apple seems to be cutting ties with Microsoft (i.e. Apple's Switch fro Microsoft to the Mac ads, and Apple's programing support for the opensource project "OpenOffice") now we see Apple and AOL developing a business relationship. AOL has let Apple offically develope iChat an AIM compatible instant messenger. Also AOL has developed a new OS X version of its internet software which has the look and feel of Mac OS X as well as great support for Quicktime. I hope (and this may be wishful thinking) that AOL's Quicktime support in their Mac software may be a signal that AOL's default media format may switch to Qucktime, or MPEG 4 which Quictime fully supports. Both of these formats function much better on the Mac than either Real or the totally horrible WMP. An embeded WMP file cannot ne view at all on the Mac.

It is also good news that this article hints that AOL may be preparing to migrate its online service oner to the Gecko technology.

Let's hope this news signals a move by AOL away from a strong dependence on the propritary technologies provided by Microsoft to standards based technologies such as MPEG 4 and Gecko. We need companies to embrace standards for services on the internet or the internet risks being a slave to propritary technologies governed by single companies, Thank goodness it appears that AOL appears to be embracing standards for its internet service!