AOL for Mac OS X Released with Integrated Gecko

Monday August 12th, 2002

Several people wrote in to tell us that AOL has released a new version of its client software for Mac OS X that integrates Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. Other new features include a counter on the Dock that displays the number of new emails and instant messages, a Welcome Screen with one-click access to member services and a redesigned interface. In addition, AOL Search has been improved and the software now detects the member's connection speed and optimises the online experience accordingly. Also new is support for QuickTime and Apple's forthcoming iChat service.

Reuters and ZDNet News have stories about the release. AOL members can download the software by going to Keyword: Upgrade.

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by jsebrech

Thursday August 15th, 2002 6:13 AM

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Look, I may have a lot of imagination, but this is how I see it:

Gecko gives them leverage over Microsoft. They can sort of threaten Microsoft:

"Play nice with us, or we switch our customer base away from IE, dropping the IE marketshare by a huge amount over time."

That's something that matters to MS. Not _that_ much, but still... MS can't win the webserver race with apache. If AOL would get behind gecko and rekindle the browserwars then that would be a real threat to MS. (AOL's switch to IE was one of the major losses in the original browser war for Netscape) Switching would make them lose all that leverage. Obviously releasing these beta's is a way of saying that they mean it. I doubt though that they'll actually put gecko in the final product. But if MS crosses AOL, then gecko would be in AOL in no time.

Remember, all AOL has to do is get enough gecko marketshare so that web designers have to take it into account (historically this has been about 15 percent), which makes it very difficult for MS to subvert the net, as they're threatening to do with their palladium plans.

But then I have been told I have too much imagination :)