AOL for Mac OS X Released with Integrated Gecko

Monday August 12th, 2002

Several people wrote in to tell us that AOL has released a new version of its client software for Mac OS X that integrates Gecko rather than Internet Explorer. Other new features include a counter on the Dock that displays the number of new emails and instant messages, a Welcome Screen with one-click access to member services and a redesigned interface. In addition, AOL Search has been improved and the software now detects the member's connection speed and optimises the online experience accordingly. Also new is support for QuickTime and Apple's forthcoming iChat service.

Reuters and ZDNet News have stories about the release. AOL members can download the software by going to Keyword: Upgrade.

#22 Re: Re: Great News.

by GregV

Tuesday August 13th, 2002 11:40 PM

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I disagree. Where do you see AOL and Microsoft together in ads? I've never seen anything that would make the general public think Microsoft and AOL were in any way associated.

AOL has the independent clout and name recognition at this point that they don't need to hang onto someone else for a little extra boost. Everybody has heard of AOL, and thanks to their ads, knows they're #1. I hardly think they're sticking with IE because of some perceived association which could look good.

They're together because it was part of a deal to get AOL bundled with Windows. That deal's over. Now they're just being cautious about switching their huge user base over to a different browser. They want to make sure it's stable and will view the popular web sites correctly. They're doing a slow rollout starting with their smaller user groups (Compuserve, AOL Mac) as a real world test before switching over the vast majority of their subscribers. They want everything to go as smoothly as possible.