Accomplishments in 2001

Tuesday August 6th, 2002

ac wrote in to tell us that Asa has published a list of Mozilla's accomplishments in 2001 on his weblog. Take a look and see how far we've come.

#6 nice...

by niner

Wednesday August 7th, 2002 7:30 AM

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The first time I tried Mozilla was about M4 I think.....I just saw the litte test program that was totally unusable for browsing but had Gecko embedded. But it could display some webpages and using NS4 as my browser back then I *loved* reflowing, it was so cool and fast.

I startet to use it "regularily" at about was usually like starting Mozilla, surfing around for some minutes till the first crash and then switching back to NS4 every day. But the phases using Mozilla got longer since it became more stable and I started using it as my primary browser and downloading nightlies at M15 or M16.....since then it was somehow usable and is definitely today. I don't want to miss it...