Accomplishments in 2001

Tuesday August 6th, 2002

ac wrote in to tell us that Asa has published a list of Mozilla's accomplishments in 2001 on his weblog. Take a look and see how far we've come.

#5 Moz Memories

by exotrip

Wednesday August 7th, 2002 4:03 AM

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I became a regular user around M12 I believe. I don't see how I could have used Mozilla regularly back then. It was sooooo sloooooow. And crashed all the time. For a time, I actually went back to MSIE. But, then I came home. Worked on a theme for Mozilla back when my time was not valuable. I am so happy Mozilla is where it is today. Back when Netscape 6pr1 came out, this all seemed like an unattainable fantasy. Mozilla 1.0, a stable and fast browser, a decent Mail + News client, a time when the majority of people were NOT calling the Mozilla project a failure. *sniff* Maybe someday, the majority of web users will be using Mozilla. I mean, look what we (developers, users, bug reporters, advocates) have accomplished up to today. Anything can happen now.