Accomplishments in 2001

Tuesday August 6th, 2002

ac wrote in to tell us that Asa has published a list of Mozilla's accomplishments in 2001 on his weblog. Take a look and see how far we've come.

#18 Re: A long road...

by bamm <>

Saturday August 17th, 2002 7:52 PM

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Wrong. The W3C says that the standards should be implemented if and only if it contains a doctype. Mozilla is just following the W3C directive. Unless you are a member of the W3C then obviously the idea didn't come from you.

And who gave you the monopoly of ideas? I myself have filed numerous RFEs in bugzilla which I thought really rock, only to find it was a dupe many times over.

If the idea indeed came from you, then show us the bugzilla page you filed for it and it must be marked FIXED.

Napakatanga mo talaga.