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Monday August 5th, 2002

As announced by Asa Dotzler in a message to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey, the 1.1 branch has been created. The trunk is now open for checkins for 1.2 Alpha. Read the full article for more details.

#28 Window vs Tab: new Pref or based on Curr Prefs

by rickst29 <>

Tuesday August 6th, 2002 9:09 PM

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Alex is right, the preferences go both ways. The "bug" was created by strong feelings on the other side of the fence, and the discusssions became animated at times. The _right_ solution (satisfying everybody, I think) would be to add another preference in the tabbed browser section: List "Open in New Tab" as the first item in the menu for right-clicking on a URL. If not checked, default to the current way (Open in new Window as the first item, in new Tab as the Second).

I most closely agree with additional comment #38 (good reasons NOT to make "new Window" the default, even if both open in tab when... tab preferences remain unset). However, if a new preference is too much trouble (and I personally think that it *IS* too much), I also think that MOST people would be satisfied by the solution proposed in additional comment #2 (also seconded in many other comments). I would recommend implementing this suggestion as: Display the "new Tab" item first when EITHER of the two Open-in-New-Tab preferences ("middle-click or cntl-click", or Cntl+Enter) is set. Otherwise (both unset) show show the "new Window" item first.

One thing which we didn't know (back then) was that almost all of the computer and general press reviews of Mozilla would RAVE about tabbed browsing as our BEST useability advantage over IE.

Alex, you were involved in this and I wasn't. 135250 is full of relevant stuff, but also a lot of Checkin/Review/Bug Mgmt stuff. Is a new bug/enhancement appropriate, or should you/I re-open 135250? (I think it deserves a rest, except for a cross-reference.) Please advise here in MZ, or send me an EMail.