AOL To Buy Netscape?

Sunday November 22nd, 1998

From Ben Marklein comes this interesting news -- apparently AOL is considering a buyout of Netscape in a stock swap. For the news, check out and Techweb. Sun may be taking over Netscape's business application division.

UPDATE: Another more in-depth article is available at

Here's another article - this one from the New York Times website. To view it, you must be be a registered user (it's free, though, so check it out).

UPDATE: An article at confirms the rumors, but no deal has been reached at this time.

#26 Re:AOL To Buy Netscape?

by Chris N. <>

Monday November 23rd, 1998 2:57 PM

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I use Instant Messenger. I tried ICQ, and didn't like it. I thought the interface was just plain bad, and I didn't like being assigned a # instead of being allowed to choose a name.

I use IM to communicate with work (we standardized on Communicator, so it's easy to set up). I also communicate with my father via IM (he uses Communicator as well).

IM's a simple, no-hassle program that does exactly what I need it to do.