AOL To Buy Netscape?

Sunday November 22nd, 1998

From Ben Marklein comes this interesting news -- apparently AOL is considering a buyout of Netscape in a stock swap. For the news, check out and Techweb. Sun may be taking over Netscape's business application division.

UPDATE: Another more in-depth article is available at

Here's another article - this one from the New York Times website. To view it, you must be be a registered user (it's free, though, so check it out).

UPDATE: An article at confirms the rumors, but no deal has been reached at this time.

#20 NOOOOO!!!

by ryan berlin <>

Monday November 23rd, 1998 10:40 AM

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My god, AOL teaming up with Netscape is one thing, buying is another. If AOL owns the netscape they have influance over devolopment, just like Linus and Linux. Then they would probbaly try to make "inovations" that would draw people to AOL. Good for AOL bad for us. <>