AOL To Buy Netscape?

Sunday November 22nd, 1998

From Ben Marklein comes this interesting news -- apparently AOL is considering a buyout of Netscape in a stock swap. For the news, check out and Techweb. Sun may be taking over Netscape's business application division.

UPDATE: Another more in-depth article is available at

Here's another article - this one from the New York Times website. To view it, you must be be a registered user (it's free, though, so check it out).

UPDATE: An article at confirms the rumors, but no deal has been reached at this time.

#14 Re:AOL To Buy Netscape?

by Joel Caris <>

Monday November 23rd, 1998 1:09 AM

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Knowledgeable Anonymous Person,

Whoops, you caught me. I was wrong on my explanation. Sorry about that. I admit, I am not the most knowledgeable person on the subject, so I'm glad you corrected me. I should have realized that Netscape would have to realease modifications, though. Certainly, that is a relief. It means AOL shouldn't be able to kill of the open source unless they completely scrapped NGLayout and all contributions by the public in version 5.0, and I definitely do not see that happening.

Daniel, I don't see your scenario happening. Assuming AOL does buy out Netscape, they would not kill off Communicator. Not when they're spending $4 billion. The reason they would keep IE as the default browser is to maintain the position on Windows and to avoid undermining the DOJ.

Remember, AOL may be in bed with Microsoft, but I think the reason is because they feel it is necessary for their continued success. I would say AOL is still very wary of MS because they know MS would kill them off given the chance.

Joel Caris