AOL To Buy Netscape?

Sunday November 22nd, 1998

From Ben Marklein comes this interesting news -- apparently AOL is considering a buyout of Netscape in a stock swap. For the news, check out and Techweb. Sun may be taking over Netscape's business application division.

UPDATE: Another more in-depth article is available at

Here's another article - this one from the New York Times website. To view it, you must be be a registered user (it's free, though, so check it out).

UPDATE: An article at confirms the rumors, but no deal has been reached at this time.

#11 Re:AOL To Buy Netscape?

by Knowledgeable Anonymous Person

Monday November 23rd, 1998 12:14 AM

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Joel said: "However, if AOL were to buy Netscape and stop the open source program, no more updates would be given out. So when version 5.0 is released, an updated version of the code would not be released. However, the code out now will remain in the public domain."

This is simply rediculously untrue. The NPL holds everyone to it - even Netscape. Thus, if Netscape takes the code that's out there (NGLayout) and makes it better, they have to publish source for their improvements. That's what the NPL says. I would suggest that all these boneheads who suggest otherwise go take a quick read of the NPL so you can enlighten yourself.