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Saturday August 3rd, 2002

Yesterday evening, Asa Dotzler posted an update on Mozilla 1.1 to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. The current plan is to branch for 1.1 and reopen the trunk on Monday. Read the full article for more information and check out Asa's recent posting to the Build Bar forum to see how you can help.

#19 Re: Re: Whatever - download manager & spell checke

by jsebrech

Monday August 5th, 2002 4:13 PM

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"which breaks a file into 5 pieces, downloads them and puts them back together"

This is not very polite to other netizens (to say the least) when you're on any sort of broadband connection (which is the only kind where this pays off). If you're on cable you're hugging your local loop. And unless you're downloading from a fast server it's going to be taxed from your five-headed hydra attack, leaving the rest of the downloaders stranded with a slower download until you're done.

I should talk though. I used to do this myself.

"I have no complaints with the upgrade process"

Definitely not a modem user. Remember it takes an hour on the fastest modem connection to do a full download of mozilla. Most connections do half of that. When for every mozilla download you have to wait almost 2 hours, I can imagine that after a while you say: "why bother?" You're not going to be tracking nightlies, that's for sure.