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Friday August 2nd, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Myk Melez announced that the default search form on Bugzilla will be changing on Friday 16th August. The new version (which has been available as an alternative for a while now) should be easier to understand and less intimidating to use. Read the full article for more details.

#3 BUGZILLA is unfriendly to non-tech users

by robston

Sunday August 4th, 2002 12:40 AM

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Having founbd via search engine a report on a forced redirection problem with an earlier version ---but one which I am having with 1.0 ( & 'idealabs' various sites)---I have tried various ways of reporting this. I have been right through Bugzilla's site...and nowhere is there a simple way of reporting that this irritation continues. Is Moz. interested in end users, at all?