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Friday August 2nd, 2002

In a newsgroup posting, Myk Melez announced that the default search form on Bugzilla will be changing on Friday 16th August. The new version (which has been available as an alternative for a while now) should be easier to understand and less intimidating to use. Read the full article for more details.

#15 Re: Re: Re: BUGZILLA is unfriendly to non-tech us

by asa <>

Thursday August 8th, 2002 8:27 PM

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"Asa response is that of a Mozilla employee."

I am a member of, not a "Mozilla employee".

"Should one conclude that you (Mozilla org.)are therefore designing a browser that is not intended for end-users?"

(lowercase "m" on Yes and no. is designing a _technology_ which can be easily made into a product for end-users. The binaries were never intended for end-users.

"BTW the bug still exists in ver 1.0. I thought I had managed to communicate that point, but apprently not!"

It was fixed after Mozilla 1.0. I thought I had managed to communicate that, but apparently my comment, "months after the bug had been fixed," wasn't clear. Another report of a bug that's already been fixed is worse than useless, it's damaging. Every minute that engineers and QA spend reading through bug reports for issues that are already fixed is a minute that they're not working on a problem which hasn't been fixed.