Screencast Introduces New Mozilla Firefox 3 Features

Friday June 6th, 2008

Mike Beltzner has created a screencast introducing some of the new features in the forthcoming Mozilla Firefox 3. The overview, which is in Adobe Flash SWF format and lasts three minutes and forty-six seconds, covers the new Location bar autocomplete functionality (dubbed the "awesomebar" by its fans), one-click bookmarking using the new star button, bookmark tags, the site identity button (personified by Larry the passport officer), malware protection, improvements to the file download user interface and the built-in Add-ons browser.

#1 Missing feature from Mozilla Firefox 2

by fabiolutz

Friday June 6th, 2008 11:16 PM

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The Mozilla Firefox 2 really have some interesting features but, one that i missed from the version 2 is the yellow background on the url box when the user accesses an encrypted website. The yellow background helps to identify easily whether the connection to the website is secure or not.

I donīt know about the other people but I would like to have this feature back on version 3.