Ars Technica Review of Mozilla 1.0

Wednesday July 31st, 2002

No fewer than six people wrote in to tell us about Ars Technica's in-depth review of Mozilla 1.0. As well as rating the Windows version of Mozilla, the article also examines the success of the Mozilla project as a whole. When looking at the product, Gecko was highly praised but Navigator and Mail & Newsgroups came in for criticism. However, the review is much more positive about the Mozilla project, declaring it as "nothing less than a resounding success."

#7 Re: Any new info on 1.0.1?

by zreo2 <>

Thursday August 1st, 2002 2:35 AM

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Guess Netscape has some bugs to work on. I tried out the ICQ functionality in Netscape prev 1 and it stoped working after 1 minute =) I sent message and then I changed the size of the textarea (where you type the message) and the whole GUI collapsed... :(

I did report this and serveral other issues to Netscape but I don't like that they don't give some response back. Ok. Maybee they are recieving alot of emails but that is no excuse. And that leads us to another questions. Why don't Netscape have some kind of Bugzilla ? Are they afraid of meeting the user ?

Ok. Netscape is not bad but they should be more service minded as a company.