Ars Technica Review of Mozilla 1.0

Wednesday July 31st, 2002

No fewer than six people wrote in to tell us about Ars Technica's in-depth review of Mozilla 1.0. As well as rating the Windows version of Mozilla, the article also examines the success of the Mozilla project as a whole. When looking at the product, Gecko was highly praised but Navigator and Mail & Newsgroups came in for criticism. However, the review is much more positive about the Mozilla project, declaring it as "nothing less than a resounding success."

#11 usability remains an issue

by jilles

Thursday August 1st, 2002 8:19 AM

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I'm a full-time mozilla user since about two months and have used many of the Mx and 0.x builds before that. However, I have to agree that the UI continues to feel very rough on the edges. Most of the XUL widgets have serious usability issues associated with them. The worst are the textfield and tree widget (still has a few nasty bugs). Most of these bugs are in bugzilla and have been for a long time. All of them receive lots of duplicate bug reports.

Things that annoy me most are: - Bookmarks sidebar. A few ugly bugs with respect to collapsing/uncollapsing, screen refresh. I've also lost data in it (drag, drop, and its gone). Inconsistencies with other parts of the UI (e.g. context menu's). - Text fields. Weird behavior when selecting text with mouse. - Useability issues with tabs. I want to drag them around, have a "open in new tab" option in bookmark context menus, open tab in new windows, etc. Right now it feels like somebody bolted on tabs at the last moment. - Poor scrolling support with my logitech mouse. Sometimes the page just keeps scrolling when I just want to scroll down one line with the wheel. It never scrolls smooth.

Despite this I generally like using mozilla because of its advanced feature set but a bit more attention to useability would greatly improve the end-user experience.