Ars Technica Review of Mozilla 1.0

Wednesday July 31st, 2002

No fewer than six people wrote in to tell us about Ars Technica's in-depth review of Mozilla 1.0. As well as rating the Windows version of Mozilla, the article also examines the success of the Mozilla project as a whole. When looking at the product, Gecko was highly praised but Navigator and Mail & Newsgroups came in for criticism. However, the review is much more positive about the Mozilla project, declaring it as "nothing less than a resounding success."

#10 Re: overall, a nice and detailed review

by MXN

Thursday August 1st, 2002 6:33 AM

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"Still puzzles me why he describes XBL as non W3C standard. If my memory serves me well, W3C had standardised XBL about a year ago. Or it was something else?"

Actually, I think XBL was submitted to the W3C as a suggestion. It's now kept as a W3C Note at <> . According to the Status of this Document section:

"This NOTE was submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (see Submission Request, W3C Staff Comment) on 2001-01-12 with the intention that the W3C use it as a basis for furthering the work on BECSS .... This document is a NOTE made available by the W3C for discussion only. Publication of this Note by W3C indicates no endorsement by W3C or the W3C Team, or any W3C Members. W3C has had no editorial control over the preparation of this Note. This document is a work in progress and may be updated, replaced, or rendered obsolete by other documents at any time ...."