Mozilla Still Good After 32 Days

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Timothy Dyck began using Mozilla about a month ago and he hasn't looked back since. In an opinion piece, the eWEEK journalist describes his favourite features and outlines some improvements he'd like to see in future versions.

#29 Bandwidth costs...

by elzahir

Tuesday July 30th, 2002 10:53 AM

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List for a 44.736 Mbps (5.592 MBps) DS3 from Sprint as of 1/2002: $32,400 per month

2592000 seconds in a month. $0.0125 per second.

Assuming you had access to the full pipe, the 1800 MB of Mozilla could be transmitted in 321.89 seconds.

The total cost to support your Mozilla habit thus far has been $4.02 (or just about, ignoring hardware costs and the salaries and dental plans of the network admins :)

If has to pay 5-6 cents per line of code, I think they probably received good value from your participation.