Mozilla Still Good After 32 Days

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Timothy Dyck began using Mozilla about a month ago and he hasn't looked back since. In an opinion piece, the eWEEK journalist describes his favourite features and outlines some improvements he'd like to see in future versions.

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by emlyn

Monday July 29th, 2002 9:05 PM

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> If you contribute more back to the project than you > take away (mozilla's team of 25,000+ bug reporters > would qualify) then I encourage you to use Mozilla > and I'll even spend some time to help you with Mozilla > problems (including regular user questions). But > the moment you start giving more than you take you > cease to be an end user and you become a participant.


Bandwith - I download binaries almost weekly (or sometimes more often, if there's something specific to track). This is something like a hundred downloads during the two years I've been using Mozilla. This is someting in the order of 1800 MB of bandwidth costs I've inflicted upon servers.


Report Bugs - maybe eleven. Four of them were duplicates, so that's not helping. QA - found the duplicates of maybe twenty bugs. Lines of code - less than a hundred. End-user questions answered - maybe one.

Can one really say that I give more to from than I take? I don't know how much 1800 MB of bandwidth costs, but it's probably lots.