Mozilla Still Good After 32 Days

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Timothy Dyck began using Mozilla about a month ago and he hasn't looked back since. In an opinion piece, the eWEEK journalist describes his favourite features and outlines some improvements he'd like to see in future versions.

#25 Re: Re: Products and Demonstrations

by SubtleRebel <>

Monday July 29th, 2002 3:20 PM

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"Perhaps it's worthwhile to look at the 7.0 release of the product in question before bugging about marketing, etc."

Actually, they should not bother about marketing even after looking over Netscape 7.0 PR1. ;)

Otherwise I agree with you.

If an end user is happy with Mozilla then that is great, but if they are unhappy with it then they either need to provide constructive assistance with Mozilla (ie valid bug reports, programming, sponsorship, etc) or get an end user product like Netscape or IE. End users would benefit more from bugging Netscape about Netscape issues than trying to convince to establish a support structure that is not feasible.