Mozilla Still Good After 32 Days

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Timothy Dyck began using Mozilla about a month ago and he hasn't looked back since. In an opinion piece, the eWEEK journalist describes his favourite features and outlines some improvements he'd like to see in future versions.

#23 Products and Demonstrations

by tny

Monday July 29th, 2002 12:10 PM

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Netcaptor:IE != Netscape:Mozilla. IE is a productized package - it's got the end-user oriented stuff that Asa is talking about (Knowledge Base articles, for instance, which are very much not the same thing as Bugzilla bugs).

I wonder if any of the folks clamoring for Mozilla to be marketed as an end-user oriented product have ever actually done that kind of marketing? If you had, you'd know the kind of resources that are necessary to do it right.

I think the real problem here is not with Mozilla, but with the productized versions derived from it: you should be telling the end-user product vendors that you want their product to be more like Mozilla, rather than asking Mozilla to act more like a end-user product vendor. Ultimately the average end-user should prefer the productized version, because it is giving them more value. If it isn't giving more value, then there's a product design problem that needs to be addressed.

(I'm speaking here as an end-user; I'm not affiliated with or any of the related organizations.)