Mozilla Still Good After 32 Days

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Timothy Dyck began using Mozilla about a month ago and he hasn't looked back since. In an opinion piece, the eWEEK journalist describes his favourite features and outlines some improvements he'd like to see in future versions.

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by jsebrech

Sunday July 28th, 2002 3:14 PM

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"Ignoring the faulty logic" has the responsability for making a good end-user product, because, frankly, nobody else is making one. Is that more logical? (Sorry for my bad grammar earlier on, english is not my native tongue) Note what I said, not obligation, responsability. Netscape is too busy trying to make a version of mozilla that sucks, and all the other mozilla-based browsers don't offer enough above and beyond baseline mozilla. If doesn't do it, who will?

"It requires packaging, distribution and support. is not in this business and doesn't have the resources right now to even try."

Make the browser good enough, and you won't need support. IE doesn't have support, not free support anyway, and it gets along just fine. What is the whole support argument anyway? They might see doesn't offer support and refuse to use mozilla? So what? They're not using mozilla now anyway. The only way to go from here is up.

As for packaging and distribution,'s already in that game. On the right side of the site there are links to packages being distributed. That mozilla can only be downloaded and not bought in a shrinkwrapped box is no reason for claiming's not a distributor. After all, IE isn't sold separately either.

"Vendors like Netscape, RedHat and IBM do have the resources and they are putting those resources into action to make their Mozilla distribution a great end-user product."

Redhat could be making the best browser ever built, and it still wouldn't matter the slightest bit because it would be bundled. Who cares if it's the greatest browser in the world if nobody but redhat users can use it? The same goes for IBM's OS/2 browser, by the way. And my distaste for Netscape's version I believe I already covered.