Mozilla 1.1 Beta Released

Monday July 22nd, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "It's here! Mozilla 1.1 Beta. New to this release are full-screen mode for Linux, BiDi Hebrew improvements, Arabic shaping improvements for Linux, and significant improvements to Venkman, the best cross-platform JavaScript debugger on the planet. Get your binaries and release notes at And if you're confused about all these alpha and beta releases (and what ever happened to that 1.0 branch?) then take a look at the nice picture available at the Mozilla Development Roadmap."

#99 Connection Problem

by jorgenson

Friday July 26th, 2002 5:36 AM

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Upgraded to Mozilla 1.1Beta - generally very very nice. Now I seem to have problem with connecting. On startup I first click on the Mozilla shortcut to start. It does not connect and Windows shuts down Mozilla with a dialogue box giving the option to "close" or "ignore". I click "close" and Mozilla closes.

I then click the Mozilla shortcut again to start Mozilla and my computer connects correctly. Mozilla starts.

Any help here as to the problem? I would appreciate it.