Kim Komando Reviews Mozilla

Monday July 22nd, 2002

sacolcor wrote in to tell us that radio host Kim Komando has written about Mozilla in her latest syndicated newspaper column. Like most other people, Kim loves Mozilla's pop-up ad blocking and tabbed browsing but doubts that anybody will be able to dislodge Internet Explorer.

#10 ..but doubts that anybody will be able to dislodge

by thebert

Wednesday July 24th, 2002 9:51 AM

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As someone who always loved NS3 and hung with it a long d_mn time, hated the NS4 bloat/bugs, finally went to IE and ultimately became disenchanted with all the security issues related to the browser and Outlook, all I can do is quietly offer my opinions to others aunts/uncles/coworkers/etc that Mozilla's clean, to-the-point (unlike this missive) and doesn't place their data in jeopardy each time they pickup mail or browse to a .cz domain.

That's it. I feel clean and MS free again.