Full Article Attached Fully Scriptable Plug-ins for Mozilla

Thursday July 18th, 2002

Yesterday, the Netscape Tech Evangelism Team made a posting to netscape.public.mozilla.plugins announcing that the latest versions of Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime are scriptable in Mozilla. Read the full article for more details.

Thanks to Asa for the news.

#44 Re: Re: What about WMP?

by GAThrawn

Sunday July 21st, 2002 8:45 AM

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Sorry should have mentioned that I already have the WMP plugin installed in Moz and have listened to streaming audio and watched video through it. The problem is that the popup window launched by the page disables WMP's built-in playback controls and puts Javascript buttons on the page to control playback. So if you want to rewind a bit or even watch the whole video again you have to reload the whole page.

And yes I have brought this up in their newsgroups, but their engineers just say that they include a copy of IE and WMP on every installation CD they send out so why should they need to support any other browser? Of course the fact this also blocks out Linux users is something else that they're not worried about.