Full Article Attached Fully Scriptable Plug-ins for Mozilla

Thursday July 18th, 2002

Yesterday, the Netscape Tech Evangelism Team made a posting to netscape.public.mozilla.plugins announcing that the latest versions of Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime are scriptable in Mozilla. Read the full article for more details.

Thanks to Asa for the news.

#13 Does this mean we finally got sound?

by TonyG <>

Friday July 19th, 2002 3:01 AM

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I have been under the impression for a long time that Mozilla cannot play in the way ns4 could/can. EG - I have an image that plays a beep noise as I roll over it.

In the past I have gotten round this using Flash, but it was still a pain due to lack of scripting since it meant I had to make the images as Flash movies, instead of using a single hidden movie containing my sound that I could play via script.