Chris Blizzard Interview at Red Hat

Monday July 15th, 2002

Red Hat has a rather humourous interview with Chris Blizzard on their website. The interview covers such diverse subjects as why Mozilla 1.0 is important, how Chris got involved with the project and how it's possible to read both The Economist and The Nation each week.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

#9 Quite a stretch there

by SubtleRebel <>

Tuesday July 16th, 2002 1:38 PM

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For clarification, the Chris Blizzard quote is as follows :

"People like to make fun of IE, but it's actually a really good browser. The problem is that it is only available on Windows."

PaulB then says :

"This said Blizzard IS justified in stating that IE (i.e. the one for Windows) only is written for one platform. ... So Blizzard is correct in stating IE is written only for Windows." Chris did not say that IE is only "written" for one platform; he said it is only available for Windows. This is just simply not true. The fact that the Mac version has different code means that IE _is_ written for more than one platform and IE is obviously available for more than one platform. In addition to the Mac version, rkl has also provided a link for downloading a unix version of IE from Microsoft <…ownloads/recommended/ie5/> ; rkl states that this does use the same code as the Windows version.

Now if Chris had said that IE was only good on the Windows platform then I would still disagree, but the issue would be different. Obviously the unix version of IE sucks, so there is no debate there. However, it is debatable whether IE is better on Windows or on the Mac. The Mac version of IE has better standards support and is less prone to security risks, but the Windows version seems to be a bit faster and more stable. My personal view is that IE is not a good browser on any platform.