Chris Blizzard Interview at Red Hat

Monday July 15th, 2002

Red Hat has a rather humourous interview with Chris Blizzard on their website. The interview covers such diverse subjects as why Mozilla 1.0 is important, how Chris got involved with the project and how it's possible to read both The Economist and The Nation each week.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

#8 Going with waht is already on the machine.

by PaulB <>

Tuesday July 16th, 2002 10:56 AM

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Well if it is not the same code IE Mac is not the same quality of browser on the Mac as on Windoows. Many functions, most notably functions involving activeX or WMP do not function at all on the Mac or only with a severe performance hit. Even the standards complience between the Windows version and Mac version is different. Mac IE really is not a rewrite of IE as is is a seperate development by the Mac Bussiness Unit.

This said Blizzard IS justified in stating that IE (i.e. the one for Windows) only is written for one platform. Mozilla on the other hand is not coded seperately for another platform, except when it has been necessary to add some platform specific code. Bascially the coded is written once and complied for various platforms and all the latforms have exactly the same feature set. You cannot say this for IE on Windows or the Mac or even the ports made to some *nixs. So Blizzard is correct in stating IE is written only for Windows. The primary resemblence IE for Mac has to IE for Windows is that they share a name.