Chris Blizzard Interview at Red Hat

Monday July 15th, 2002

Red Hat has a rather humourous interview with Chris Blizzard on their website. The interview covers such diverse subjects as why Mozilla 1.0 is important, how Chris got involved with the project and how it's possible to read both The Economist and The Nation each week.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

#7 Little-known fact: IE is on 4 platforms

by rkl

Tuesday July 16th, 2002 4:00 AM

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Surprisingly, most people only seem to think that IE is on either 1 or 2 platforms. In fact, it's on 4 - Solaris and HP-UX have had an (abysmal) port of IE for years now - see:


(And, yes, there was even an IE4 for those platforms)

The way those ports to UNIX were done was horrendous - an entire Windows API emulation (yes, including registry files and virtually no application defaults) that ran like treacle unless you have a very beefy workstation. Even worse, Java applets weren't inline - they ran the vendor's separate JVM in another window - duh !

It does make you suspect, though, that it's purely political reasoning as to why IE isn't on Linux (cos Linux is seen as more a rival to Windows than Solaris or HP-UX). Either that, or IE on Linux - if ported in the same way as the Solaris or HP-UX releases - would be something of a laughing stock compared to "native" Linux browsers (Mozilla, Konquerer, Opera etc.).