Chris Blizzard Interview at Red Hat

Monday July 15th, 2002

Red Hat has a rather humourous interview with Chris Blizzard on their website. The interview covers such diverse subjects as why Mozilla 1.0 is important, how Chris got involved with the project and how it's possible to read both The Economist and The Nation each week.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

#10 But certian features are built to work best ....;

by PaulB <>

Tuesday July 16th, 2002 6:04 PM

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Certian features are built to work best or only on the Windows platform. Certian features, such as activeX are promoted in IE for Windows primarily because they are not crossplatform. If Microsoft wanted to truly stress the company is serious about security they would remove all internet and IE acess to ActiveX. The same or ver similar functionality can be done by methods other than ActiveX (ie. Java or Javascript). ActiveX remains in IE since it works only with Windows plain and simple.

"Now if Chris had said that IE was only good on the Windows platform then I would still disagree, but the issue would be different. Obviously the unix version of IE sucks, so there is no debate there. However, it is debatable whether IE is better on Windows or on the Mac. The Mac version of IE has better standards support and is less prone to security risks, but the Windows version seems to be a bit faster and more stable. My personal view is that IE is not a good browser on any platform."

I do not disagree with this statement. What Windows version of IE does is reserve certian features fir that platform which will not work on any other platform. Try usind WMP on the Mac gthe will not work. Many web sites (I am not sure if Microsoft designed it this way) require the plugin or embeded player and will not work with a helper application. Therefore many sites that use WMP format are unplayable on the Mac. This is why I felt Blizzard was justified in saying IE is built only for Windows. Microsoft, IMHO has "crippled" IE on the Mac. Mac IE != Windows IE. Mozilla is equvialent to each other on all platforms it runs on. This is a major difference between Mozilla and IE. Microsoft seems to be developing technologies they promote which only function (or function best) on Windows. They are a company with little tolerance with open standards or even cross platform proprietary technologies. Microsoft wants users of the Internet dependent on Windows.

Blizzard's statement about IE being developed only for Windows is correct. IE is so different in the standards it supports on different platforms. IE really only runs all the technologies and standards well on IE for Windows. You might argue wether IE is better on Windows or the Mac, but the fact remains that Mac IE is crippled and chocks because of technologies Moicrosoft has "purposefully" left out of the Mac version.