New Architect Interview with Gervase Markham

Sunday July 14th, 2002

New Architect has an interview with Gervase Markham, the youngest staff member. The interview touches on 1.0 and standards compliance but mainly concentrates on Mozilla's quality assurance effort.

#10 Re: Re: Good security process?

by jsebrech

Tuesday July 16th, 2002 7:17 AM

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You may not consider a bug that crashes your entire system "very important". But to me that's a BIG DEAL. The exploit for this is some simple CSS, so it's not really hard to activate. Ofcourse, the bug is X's, but the trigger is mozilla's, as is the quick fix.

Anyway, I wasn't commenting on this bug specifically. I was only pointing this out as an example. Nobody will deny that some day a serious security bug in the stable releases of mozilla will be discovered. What happens when that happens?