Trunk Frozen for 1.1 Beta

Wednesday July 10th, 2002

The main development trunk was frozen today in preparation for the release of Mozilla 1.1 Beta. Until the trunk is reopened, only approved fixes can be checked in. To get approval for a patch, mail with "[trunk approval]" in the subject. The ideal release date for 1.1 Beta is Wednesday 17th July (though, as usual, this is not set in stone).

#49 Re: 2 questions about the latest 1.1 build 7/14/02

by Sander

Sunday July 14th, 2002 7:49 PM

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1) For 'consistency reasons' In the 'file -> new' menu, window comes first as well. I think there are a few requests to have the order based on if you use tabbed browsing or not, but that is apparently bad again from a user-interface-design point of view (created confusion when switching betweencompuers; which I can understand, even though I think the sheer usability of it would make it worth it). There are a few bugs with a lot of discussion about it out there, but don't have the numbers handy right now so you'll have to go and search for them yourself if you want to know more.

2) Are there any links in there already? If so, I expect this is a bug, wihch will undoubtedly be fixed shortly. If not, maybe you haven't set any folder to be _the_ personal toolbar folder. (After inadvertedly deleting the previous personal toolbar.) Go to bookmarks -> manage bookmarks, select a folder and choose view -> set as personal toolbar folder.

(I'm using someone else's computer with mozilla 1.0 right now, so the exact phrasing of menuitems might have changed.)