Trunk Frozen for 1.1 Beta

Wednesday July 10th, 2002

The main development trunk was frozen today in preparation for the release of Mozilla 1.1 Beta. Until the trunk is reopened, only approved fixes can be checked in. To get approval for a patch, mail with "[trunk approval]" in the subject. The ideal release date for 1.1 Beta is Wednesday 17th July (though, as usual, this is not set in stone).

#42 Re: Re: cue Asa

by johnlar <>

Sunday July 14th, 2002 10:48 AM

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Can we expect all 1.x releases to be as stable as 1.0 though. I'm sure there will come a time when new crash landing will happen eventaully, and these will obviously happen on the 1.x branches. Or is something different planned. We'd love to trust 1.x for stability, but we do know that there is a need for a developmental trunk. Plans are nessessary.