Trunk Frozen for 1.1 Beta

Wednesday July 10th, 2002

The main development trunk was frozen today in preparation for the release of Mozilla 1.1 Beta. Until the trunk is reopened, only approved fixes can be checked in. To get approval for a patch, mail with "[trunk approval]" in the subject. The ideal release date for 1.1 Beta is Wednesday 17th July (though, as usual, this is not set in stone).

#17 Re: Re: k-meleon, please make it easier to test be

by wilsonae <>

Friday July 12th, 2002 1:08 AM

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It COULD be of interest to a lot of us.

For example, I am trying to wean my boss away from the evil empire and have convinced him to try Mozilla. Now, IMHO, it will be far more productive if he uses a version that, whilst not being completely state of the art, is as stable as possible.

Of course, this means that if it takes a few more days to get rid of more bugs, then that is fine. However, if it takes too long, ...