Mozilla's New 'Almost Standards' Rendering Mode

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 has an article about Mozilla's new 'almost standards' mode. This new rendering mode joins the existing standards compliance and quirks modes and should mean that more pages work correctly in Mozilla. The article describes the differences between 'almost standards' and standards compliance mode and lists the DOCTYPEs that trigger the new rendering method.

Thanks to Blogzilla for the link.

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by jsebrech

Saturday July 13th, 2002 5:12 AM

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"I think the use of HTML is more important than its intended use."

Are you saying that there is a competitor to HTML which will be overcome by adding the marquee tag to the official standard? I think not. The problem with HTML is that the years of competition has reduced it into crap. And now people are trying to clean it up (in the 4.x versions, and with xhtml). They're trying to provide some kind of order. Imho, we should all be jumping for joy that this is happening instead of trying to run away from it.

"Does this mean pictures and words should also be removed from webpages?"

No, you should provide ALT arguments to images, so blind people know what the image is showing (not enough people do this, not even me), and obviously blind people can read words through adapted equipment, but not when they're scrolling.

"Maybe it does not have a place to a blind person but there are people with vision. Some of them use the Internet too."

Yes, well, let's only make roads for the most popular 5 companies of cars, since they cover most of the market. Those people who have an unpopular car won't be able to travel (to some places), but hey, tough luck.

If only I was a more evil person, then I could want you to know what it is to be blind... The web should be what binds humanity together, not yet another way to divide us.