Mozilla's New 'Almost Standards' Rendering Mode

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 has an article about Mozilla's new 'almost standards' mode. This new rendering mode joins the existing standards compliance and quirks modes and should mean that more pages work correctly in Mozilla. The article describes the differences between 'almost standards' and standards compliance mode and lists the DOCTYPEs that trigger the new rendering method.

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#3 I'm surprised they didn't call it...

by rkl

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 3:21 PM

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..."sub standard mode" :-) It sounds a slightly dubious compromise to me and one I'd actually like to see a user pref in Mozilla for instead:

[x] Completely obey DOCTYPE [ ] Obey DOCTYPE with some exceptions [ ] Always in quirks mode (ignore DOCTYPE)

It seems to me that if a document has a DOCTYPE at the top, then it is stating *categorically* that it is following the appropriate DTD/W3C spec. We're now saying that Mozilla is relaxing this stance and saying it's OK for Webmasters to put a DOCTYPE in and then put in HTML that doesn't conform to that DOCTYPE ? Hmmm....