Standards Ignored as Developers Target IE

Monday July 8th, 2002

Dave Hodder writes: "CNET has a story entitled Sites bow to Microsoft's browser king covering how Mozilla and other browsers are locked out because of web builders not supporting proper standards. It mentions Netscape/Mozilla standards evangelism and has some good quotes from Mitchell Baker, including the conclusion: 'What we're seeing with Web sites that are viewable only with IE is the privatization of the Web.'"

#25 I don't pretend to know it all, neithe should you.

by lucx

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 2:17 PM

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Yes, you are only a web surfer. Just like you, many designers don't know what "z-index" is, never mind arcane technical specs like a negative z-index bringing an element below the viewport.

I'd hardly call that thumbing my nose at it.

If I were to "thumb my nose" I wouldn't care that Mozilla makes elements with negative z-index invisible, thus rendering them absolutely useless. Instead, I would just tack on a warning that says, "Best viewed with Internet Explorer because Mozilla screws up negative z-index's and it isn't worth the trouble to figure out why, or implement some arcane workaround."