Standards Ignored as Developers Target IE

Monday July 8th, 2002

Dave Hodder writes: "CNET has a story entitled Sites bow to Microsoft's browser king covering how Mozilla and other browsers are locked out because of web builders not supporting proper standards. It mentions Netscape/Mozilla standards evangelism and has some good quotes from Mitchell Baker, including the conclusion: 'What we're seeing with Web sites that are viewable only with IE is the privatization of the Web.'"

#20 ditch standards?

by ratman

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 9:49 AM

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standards may be important and all, but it's unlikely that many people will switch to mozilla and/or netscape over standards compliance. mozilla has plenty of other good selling points that make it superior to the micro$oft broswer, and that's what should be emphasized more so than standards evangelism.

and if ditching standards in parts is what's necessary to gain recognition and general usage, then mozilla may just have to incorporate some of those horribly frightening m$ie nonstandard elements.