Standards Ignored as Developers Target IE

Monday July 8th, 2002

Dave Hodder writes: "CNET has a story entitled Sites bow to Microsoft's browser king covering how Mozilla and other browsers are locked out because of web builders not supporting proper standards. It mentions Netscape/Mozilla standards evangelism and has some good quotes from Mitchell Baker, including the conclusion: 'What we're seeing with Web sites that are viewable only with IE is the privatization of the Web.'"

#17 Cross Browser-Scripting Please

by jmarranz <>

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 8:41 AM

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I think there is no very much problem with simple HTML and CSS because MSIE 4+ works more or less with HTML and CSS W3C standards.

The problem is scripting the DOM (DHTML), MSIE 4,5 and 6 (included) document object model is far of compliance with W3C-DOM-2. MSIE 6 complies with W3C-DOM-1 but it lacks of standard event and CSS models (defined in level W3C-DOM-2).

But MSIE (6) is converging with W3C (and Mozilla as a very good W3C browser), a good notice, compatibility problems are not so hard as Navigator 4.x against MSIE 4 era.

To bridge the gap: not use MSIE specific stuff, and use cross-browser libraries. I recomend: - Yasd's X-Objects <> - CBE <> - My own's XPDOM, a cross-platform W3C-DOM-2 compatibility layer to Web applications. <>