Standards Ignored as Developers Target IE

Monday July 8th, 2002

Dave Hodder writes: "CNET has a story entitled Sites bow to Microsoft's browser king covering how Mozilla and other browsers are locked out because of web builders not supporting proper standards. It mentions Netscape/Mozilla standards evangelism and has some good quotes from Mitchell Baker, including the conclusion: 'What we're seeing with Web sites that are viewable only with IE is the privatization of the Web.'"

#13 what is easier?

by niner

Tuesday July 9th, 2002 6:55 AM

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To go to the w3c website and read through the chapters of the HTML and CSS documentation explaining the basic ideas behind these two languages which should be enough to understand why something acts a specific way in standards compilant browsers. Or to search through the MSDN and read the thousands of notes that explain thousands of issues the different IE versions have with HTML?

It doesn't take that long to learn HTML and CSS and write even very complex layouts with very litte markup, what is the greatest feature of CSS in my eyes. Since I realize my layouts with standards compilant CSS my pages are faster done and easier to manage. I never encountered a layout that's impossible to do using only standards CSS only difficulties when IE didn't understand these and doesn't offer an alternative.