Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 Available

Saturday May 17th, 2008

The preview release for Mozilla's next generation Firefox browser is now available for testing. Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform which includes 33 months of platform improvements over Firefox 2.

Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 can be downloaded from the Firefox Release Candidates page. The Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 Release Notes have more details, including information about what's new in Firefox 3. The Firefox 3 for developers article on Mozilla Developer Center includes useful links for Web application and add-on developers.

#41 Handling of security certificates

by MaxineFox

Thursday May 29th, 2008 3:06 PM

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I've been using rc1 all day and, thanks to a hacked version of MR Tech Local Install that has allowed me to use most of my normal extensions, it's been OK... except for the handling of security certificates.

OK, so security certificates are a vital security measure and I can understand the good intentions behind this, however sometimes there are valid reasons for needing to override a 'non-matching' certificate, and FF3 MUST make sensible provision for this, rather than just blocking the page with a semi-cryptic error message and offering zero user options.

In my case, I need to access my personal website's control panel + my webmail, which both use valid security certificates belonging to my web host, rather than my own domain. Sure, I could get around FF3 blocking access by using their http URLs instead of using https, but then I'd be accessing them LESS securely!

Fortunately I found a workaround at <…refox-3-security-madness/> but this really must be handled in a much smarter way. I see that there is mention on the smop page of “Get me out of here” and “Add an exception” buttons, but these clearly didn't make it to rc1; I hope they are reinstated ASAP...