W3C Web Standards Evangelism Mailing List

Sunday July 7th, 2002

Brant Langer Gurganus writes: "The Quality Assurance Interest Group at the W3C has created a new Evangelism mailing-list: public-evangelist. Its mission is to encourage and discuss web standards education."

To subscribe, send an email to with "Subscribe" as the Subject. Hopefully this new mailing list will encourage more Gecko-friendly sites on the Web. Also take a look at the Mozilla Evangelism page to find out how you can help with Mozilla's own evangelism efforts.

#5 No it's not.

by paulm

Monday July 8th, 2002 2:44 AM

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An abbreviation is made by reducing a word by taking parts out of it. WWWC would be an acronym. I'm not sure whatever they've done to reduce it to W3C is a standard part of English grammer. Perhaps it's a geekronym