Comparatively Speaking...

Monday July 1st, 2002

Linux Online recently compared the major Linux browsers, including the Mozilla-based trio of Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6.2 and Galeon. Reviewer Michael J Jordan praises Mozilla's stability, tabbed browsing, rendering and customisation.

As mentioned by fondacio on our forums, the International Herald and Tribune took a look at Mozilla, Opera and NeoPlanet (note that the site doesn't seem to work in some builds of Mozilla). Reviewer Lee Dembart says that "Mozilla is impressive and has it all over Opera." He especially likes the ability to block pop-ups, tabbed browsing and pipelining.

UPDATE! tuxracer writes: "I've put up a browser comparison list, comparing various features that affect usability and W3C standards compliance. It compares Mozilla 1.0, Netcaptor 7.01, Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows), and Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac)."

#29 Not my experience

by jsebrech

Saturday July 6th, 2002 3:02 AM

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I'm quite lazy, and since I'm a linux user myself I don't always run windows update on time for the windows machines I administer for other people.

Net result: 2 infections in 2 years. Both through IE. And that doesn't include the 3 or so infections in my circle of family and friends on machines that I don't administer.

Car accidents in that time: 0

It may not sound like much, but the viruses exist. Just because YOU haven't been touched by them doesn't mean that nobody's getting the rough treatment.

Now, statistically someone's chance of getting in a car accident may actually be higher than that of getting a virus or worm or whatever on their computer, but that's only because the occurance of car accidents is so incredibly high. The equivalent of a small country dies on the road each year, so it's not exactly hard for something to be less of an effect than that.