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Monday July 1st, 2002

Linux Online recently compared the major Linux browsers, including the Mozilla-based trio of Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6.2 and Galeon. Reviewer Michael J Jordan praises Mozilla's stability, tabbed browsing, rendering and customisation.

As mentioned by fondacio on our forums, the International Herald and Tribune took a look at Mozilla, Opera and NeoPlanet (note that the site doesn't seem to work in some builds of Mozilla). Reviewer Lee Dembart says that "Mozilla is impressive and has it all over Opera." He especially likes the ability to block pop-ups, tabbed browsing and pipelining.

UPDATE! tuxracer writes: "I've put up a browser comparison list, comparing various features that affect usability and W3C standards compliance. It compares Mozilla 1.0, Netcaptor 7.01, Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows), and Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac)."

#25 Re: Re: tuxracer's comparison

by bk_raze

Friday July 5th, 2002 6:42 PM

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"Really? Like what?"

Tux, you probably don't use IE regularly enough to know. For me, I use IE regularly, and I can tell you that there are some features I find apparently missing in Mozilla 1.0 that IE has:

1. Ability to move the toolbars by simply dragging them and moving them (even combine 2 side by side). 2. Ability selectively show and rearrange toolbar buttons. 3. Ability to show buttons as text with images, selective text, or just as pictures (4.x had this). 4. Ability to right click favorites (bookmarks) and perform operations (rename, delete) on them. 5. Ability to drag favorites (bookmarks) from the menu and move them around or into folders. 6. Automatic image resizing and image toolbar. 7. When working offline, pointer shows you whether a link can be viewed or not. 8. Ctrl+Enter allows you to type "yahoo" and it will add http://www. and .com for you. 9. Autocomplete for individual form fields. 10. Ability to search history by complete text.

Also, you should categorize your list as to separate usability features from compliance issues. Compliance issues are bugs. A non-bug is not a feature.

So for example, lack of support for CSS background-attachment:fixed is an IE bug, not a Mozilla feature. (Nobody would file a bug in bugzilla titled "Support for background-attachment:fixed" as an RFE--if mozilla didn't support it, it would be entered as a bug.) Meaning a browser (Mozilla or other) should be compliant--if not, it has compliance issues or bugs.

Hope this helps you.